About Us

harvesterFarmers’ Rice Cooperative (FRC) is a grower-owned rice marketing cooperative. Since 1944, we have supplied domestic and international food manufacturers, brewers, private retailers, exporters and distributors with premium quality California rice.

Farmers’ Rice Cooperative processes and markets approximately 25 percent of all of the rice grown in California; FRC is California’s largest rice marketing firm.

As industry leaders, we work to develop production, milling and marketing programs that ensure a secure supply of quality rice for consumers, a profitable return on the investments made by our member growers, and a responsible approach to limit our environmental impact.

Farmers’ Rice Cooperative maintains a competitive edge by investing time and resources in its business and establishing long-term relationships with its customers. The high quality of FRC products used in manufactured food products and for direct consumption, together with the total service FRC provides to its customers, is recognized domestically and internationally.

Approximately 50 percent of all of the rice processed by FRC is marketed domestically. This includes packaged rice, rice for processing by the cereal industry, rice as a key ingredient in packaged mixes and other consumer products and rice used in brewing. FRC branded products are market leaders in Hawaii, Guam and the mid-Pacific Island region where per capita rice consumption is high. Farmers’ Rice Cooperative is also a principal supplier of high quality California medium grain rice for exports to Asia and the Middle East.